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This is, dear reader who has bravely ventured here, is a gag pairing. That means purely for comedic and occasionally pervy-joking purposes.

FMA, for being a series not particularly riddled with canon pairings, has developed a large number of fanon pairings at an alarming rate. We are not here to wank. We are not here to rip on pairing preferences--be they heterosexual or homosexual. We are merely here for a laugh.

We do encourage pairing posts, of all natures, (for instance, Al/Kitten, Pinako/Armstrong, and Gluttony/with just about anyone...) But we do caution that any and all fanfiction or fanart materials for pairings be placed behind lj-cuts so as to not offend.

And since that has been said: Bring on the Al x Kitten wuv!